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Adjustable Double Dens

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Dog Lady Dens designs and handcrafts unique rustic furniture with the highest regard for craftsmanship and dedication to effortless functionality. Our designs are vintage style wood with a modern twist that pairs beautifully with any home decor.

Each den features a unique rustic color scheme, premium stylized hardware, and a matte finish. Please check our home page for current waitlist times. Once your order leaves our shop the average turn around time is 3-7 business days for delivery. We include professional delivery service on all orders.

We'd love to schedule a quick phone call to discuss customizations and the ordering process.

Karoline Connell
Dog Lady Dens & Designs, LLC


Choose one color for the entire kennel, or customize the top, base, and flooring. Don’t see a color you like? Email us about creating a custom stain or paint color scheme!

Paints: White, Antique White, Black
Stains: Ebony, Dark Walnut, Graphite, Classic Grey, and Natural Wood
Finishes: Minimal Distressing, Heavy Distressing, Glazed (White/Antique Paints Only), Two-tone distressing available by request


Single Dens:
24" Small: 26”Lx19”Wx26.5”H (Fits one dog up to 25 lbs)
30" Medium: 31.75”Lx21”Wx26.5”H (Fits one dog 26-40 lbs)
36" Large: 38”Lx25.75”Wx31.5”H (Fits one dog 41-70 lbs)
42" XL: 44”Lx30”Wx31.5”H (Fits one dog 71-90 lbs)
48" XXL: 50”Lx32”Wx36.5”H (Fits one dog 90+ lbs)
54" Colossal: 55.5”Lx32.5”Wx41.5”H (Giant Breeds)
**Standard door placement for single dens is on the right, unless requested otherwise.

Double Dens:
4' Small: 50.5”Lx19”Wx26.5”H (Fits two dogs up to 25 lbs)
5' Medium: 62”Lx21”Wx26.5”H (Fits two dogs 26-40 lbs)
6' Large: 74.5”Lx25.75”Wx30.5”H (Fits two dogs 41-70 lbs)
7' XL: 86.5”Lx30”Wx31.5”H (Fits two dogs 71-90 lbs)
8' XXL: 98.5”Lx32”Wx36.5”H (Fits two dogs 90+ lbs)
9' COLOSSAL: 109.5"Lx32.5"Wx41.5"H (Giant Breeds)
**Double dens include a removable center divider, available in a classic or adjustable model.

Triple Dens:
Small Triple Den - 53.5"Lx26"Wx26.5"H
Small Triple Den - 76"Lx19.25"Wx26.5"H
Medium Triple Den - 93.25"Lx20"Wx26.5"H
XL(1)/Small(2) Combo - 94"Lx30"Wx31.5"H
Medium(2)/Large(1) Combo - 99.5”Lx25.75”Wx31.5”H
XL(1)/Medium(2) Combo - 105.5"Lx30"Wx31.5"H
XL(1)/Large(1)/Medium(1) Combo - 110.25"Lx30"Wx31.5"H
Large Triple Den - 112"Lx26.25"Wx31.5"H
Colossal(1)/Medium(2) Combo - 109.5"Lx32.5"Wx41.5"H
**Triple dens include two removable center dividers.

Quad Dens:
Small Quad Den - 71.75"Lx26.5"Wx26.5"H
Small Quad Den - 98.75"Lx19"Wx26.5"H
**Quad dens include three center dividers.

Barn Doors, add 1" W
Storage Drawers/Shelf, add 7" H
Interior Chew Guards

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