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Classic Double Dens

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Welcome to Dog Lady Dens & Designs Co. where unique rustic style and effortless function come together. Our passion is creating luxury farmhouse inspired furniture designs for your home.

Our iconic dog den furniture will turn your dogs crate into a timeless addition to your living space. Available in standard 24"-54" crate sizes in single, double, and triple dens. Each den features a personalized color scheme, premium stylized hardware, and a matte finish. Our designs are constructed from handpicked southern knotty pine and showcase the natural beauty of wood with its prominent grains and textures. Combining functionality with a touch of vintage elegance.

Dog Lady Dens & Designs Co.

SMALL 24" - 50.5”Lx19”Wx26.5”H
MEDIUM 30" - 62”Lx21”Wx26.5”H
LARGE 36" - 74.5”Lx25.75”Wx31.5”H
XL 42" - 86.5”Lx30”Wx31.5”H
XXL 48" - 98.5”Lx32”Wx36.5”H
COLOSSAL 54" - 109.5"Lx32.5"Wx41.5"H

DOOR STYLE: Choose from a classic swing door or sliding barn door. *Sliding barn doors add 1” to the overall width of your den.

DIVIDER STYLE: Choose from a rebar divider or solid wood divider.

STORAGE UPGRADES: Storage Drawers, Open Shelving, or Combination Drawers/Shelving are available. *Storage upgrades add 7" to the overall height of your den.

HANDMADE DISCLAIMER: All orders are rustic handmade items constructed from southern knotty pine and will contain visible variations to include knots, grains, or rustic imperfections that make each order unique. All orders are finished with a matte waterproof/scratch resistant topcoat to help protect your order.

SHIPPING/DELIVERY: While we try to be as accurate as possible with estimated completion times, unforeseen delays may occur due to production, supply chain, weather, or shipping. All orders are shipped fully assembled and include curbside delivery service. Plan to have at least one person home to help you as most orders are very heavy.

ALL ORDERS FINAL SALE: All orders and deposits are final sale. We have a strict no-return policy and reserve the right to replace or restore orders if necessary. Please contact us if you believe you have received a defective/damaged item to discuss the best course of action to correct your order.

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