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Why Choose Dog Lady Dens & Designs?

Hey y'all, 
My name is Karoline, I am the proud owner and operator of Dog Lady Dens & Designs, LLC. 

Dog Lady Dens & Designs was founded in 2017 formed from a passion for woodworking and rustic home furniture designs. Our primary focus over the years has been our iconic dog den crate furniture. We also custom build dog beds, farmhouse coffee table sets, entertainment centers, and more. 

Choosing Dog Lady Dens & Designs is an excellent choice because we guarantee you will receive a quality product. We are very passionate about our work and take the time to choose quality materials when creating the perfect rustic look for your home furniture. Our number one goal is customer satisfaction and helping to turn your furniture into a functional and stylish addition to your home!

Dog Lady Dens are all handmade in our shop from start to finish. Our dens are constructed from handpicked premium pine boards and steel rods that we cut, sand, paint, and finish. We love these materials for their durability and rustic appeal. We hand paint each and every one of our color combinations. Our material choices and methods insure a quality product that is built to last. 

By supporting Dog Lady Dens & Design you are supporting both my little family and our shop team. I have a beautiful baby girl, a hard working husband, and two rambunctious fur-babes. When my daughter was born I decided to turn Dog Lady Dens & Designs into my full time job so I could work and be with her. After years of hard work and dedication I have grown my solo home business to a small shop based in Salado, Texas. I couldn't be more proud of our amazing team who works hard to help create your beautiful orders. Dog Lady Dens & Designs also proudly supports and donates a portion of all sales to no-kill animal shelters in Texas! 

We are so very proud of our small business. We take pride in the custom rustic furniture that we make and we love that our designs are helping others make their homes beautiful. So thank you for choosing Dog Lady Dens & Designs. Your business is greatly appreciated!

Karoline Connell
Dog Lady Dens & Designs, LLC

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