Why Choose Dog Lady Dens?

Choosing Dog Lady Dens is an excellent choice because I guarantee you will receive a quality product. I am very passionate about my work and take the time to choose quality materials when creating the perfect rustic look for your den. My number one goal is customer satisfaction and helping you turn your pups space into a stylish addition to your home!

My dens are all handmade in my shop from start to finish. The dens are constructed from handpicked premium pine boards and steel rods that I cut, sand, paint, and finish. I love these materials for their durability and rustic appeal. I hand paint each and every one of my color combinations. My material choices and methods insure a quality product that is built to last. 

By supporting Dog Lady Dens you are supporting my little family. I have a beautiful baby girl, two fur-babes, and a hard working husband. After Harper was born we made the decision for me to turn Dog Lady Dens into my full time job so I can work and stay with Harper. 

I take pride in the rustic crate furniture that I make and I love that my dens are helping others make their homes beautiful. So thank you for choosing Dog Lady Dens. Your business is greatly appreciated!

-Karoline Connell
Dog Lady Dens

Salado, TX 76571

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